Atlantis and the battle of gods

Atlantis and the battle of gods

Amazon | 2022

ISBN-13: 979-8840002315

(Translated from Greek titled Ατλαντίδα Μαινόμενη – Enraged Atlantis).

Pages 358

In the long distant past, lost in the mists of prehistory, the mighty kingdom of Atlantis-Macaria reigned supreme in the midst of the ocean.
Its wealth, its splendid palaces and the miracles produced by its technology were one aspect of its grandeur. But it also had its dark side…wars of conquest, slavery, injustice and greed. On its throne was king Cronus, who had even imprisoned his own children in Tartarus, lest they might one day overthrow him and rule in his place. But his youngest child, Zenas-Zeus, owing to a subterfuge perpetrated by his mother Rhea, had escaped the fate of his siblings in Crete and, in due course, returned and prepared to punish his tyrannical father.
Inas, a primitive boy, captured and brought to Macaria to work in the mines as a slave, met Zenas and took part in his risky expedition to free his brothers and sisters from Tartarus.
The battle between the two royal generations of Cronus and Zenas–the celebrated Titanomachy–was to be harsh. Of equal ferocity was the battle that followed between the natural elements of water and fire, destroying Atlantis and reducing it to the status of a myth. It is a myth that still captivates the popular imagination today.